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Dish Network Remote Controls

If you drive through many neighborhoods in the United States, you will see there is a common theme. Many homes now have a satellite hooked to their roofs or the sides of their homes. Who would have ever dreamed we would have a satellite fed television coming into our homes!

I remember television days of old. If you were lucky, you were able to view three channels, and one of those was usually fuzzy. Forget about remote controls, too. My fingers did the turning and the tuning! When cable first hit the scene, I was blown away. Now I had something to do with my life! I could keep up with many different television shows at once. My biggest hurdle was running to get a snack or use the restroom before the commercial was over.

Satellite television has brought my television viewing to an even more refined art. I can simply use my Dish Network remote control to schedule future viewing or to purchase a movie days in advance! Dish Network remote controls are fairly easy to figure out, too. I can operate one in the dark, or with my eyes closed. (Which I have done if I stumble across a horror movie!)

One thing I have found interesting is the different names people use to refer to their Dish Network remote controls. No one says, "Where is the Dish Network remote control?" Many will say, "Where's the remote?" or "Where's the flicker?" Others may call their Dish Network Remote a "button" or "clicker."

Whatever people call it, it is an important member of the household. It's missed immediately if it becomes lost, and if it is not acting properly, everyone becomes concerned. The remote control is one of those things in life you take for granted until you can't find it, or the battery goes dead. So, do as I do. Guard the remote control with your life. If someone else wants to use it, act really sad and miserable. I guarantee you'll have it back in your hands within no time!