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Electric Remote Car Starters

Twenty or so years ago you could pick up almost any outlet catalog and mail-order electric remote car starters.  Or if you were an “on-hands” kind of shopper you could stop in your local auto parts store and pick up your electric remote car starters yourself.

Of course, you would most likely have to install those long ago electric remote car starters instead of taking your car to your mechanic to have it done.  That’s because even though the early electric remote car starters were pretty primitive in comparison to today’s models, being essentially a solenoid switch between the starter and the ignition switch, they were an absolute nightmare to install.

Even after a so called successful installation the electric remote car starters were very temperamental and rarely worked properly.  The electric remote car starters hated cold weather.  Electric remote car starters were so cantankerous that many times it took so long for them to start that they totally drained the car’s battery.

No wonder mechanics wanted nothing to do with early electric remote car starters.

Owners of those first electric remote car starters may chuckle now when remembering those days, however, they probably also sigh with appreciation at the electric remote car starters on the market these days.

What a relief to be able to count on your electric remote car starter to start your car and warm it up on a freezing January day.  And no more worries of thieves helping themselves to your idling car while you finish dressing for work, as today electric remote car starters come with state-of-the-art and reliable security systems.  Besides the security systems the electric remote car starters lock the cars doors once the engine starts.

Electric remote car starters are much safer these days too, coming with cut off switches that shut the car off if by chance someone should open the hood. 

One thing the electric remote car starters can’t do is turn on the heater or defroster, so when last using the car the previous evening owners will need to manually set these.  Another plus is that if it is in the hot summertime the electric remote car starters can activate the air conditioning, providing the settings are already made, making it much more pleasant to enter the car.

Like anything, electric remote car starters come with different features.  Imagine your electric remote car starters starting your vehicles every few hours in the dead of a freezing night, helping you to avoid lots of problems.

One thing to beware of, if you have a manual transmission you will not be able to have any electric remote car starters installed, because these conveniences are only available on automatic transmissions, at least presently.

Another huge difference in today’s electric remote car starters is that you no longer need to worry about mechanics running the other way to avoid installing them for you.  These days, electric remote car starters are so complex and so unique to your own model of car that you absolutely must have a professional installation.

So sit back, relax, enjoy a second cup of coffee, and let your electric remote car starter do the work for you.