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Remote Control Cars

Oddly enough, it was Leonardo da Vinci who first thought about remote control cars. In 1478, when da Vinci was a young man of 24, he sketched a remote control car. The car in da Vinci's sketch was a spring-propelled car. A one-third scale model was made of Leonardo da Vinci's l car and is on display at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence.

The wonderful thing about da Vinci's crude sketch is that once it was built, it did work! Steering and brakes were operated by a rope, and this car would travel up to 40 meters. What is interesting to note is that Scientists are finding the similarities between Leonardo da Vinci's sketch and the Mars Land Rover to be eerily similar.

There is no doubting the fact that remote control cars have always been in the minds of boys and men. I remember the remote control cars you would hold on the floor and push backward. These little cars would build up momentum and when released would speed across the floor until they crashed into a wall or piece of furniture.

The remote control cars of today would take Leonard da Vinci's breath away. These cars are built to last, and the distance these cars can travel is amazing. More experienced drivers can even get their cars to flip and do mock burn outs. Some of the heavier remote control cars and trucks can even climb over obstacles in their way with ease.

It seems that remote control cars have been in the minds of the male gender for hundreds of years. The twentieth century introduced the world to the first remote control cars, and the industry continues to grow each year. Remote control cars have become a favorite pastime of many.