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Remote Control Garage Doors

Imagine that you don’t own one of those fancy remote control garage doors, and you drive home from work on a cold or rainy day, exhausted, stressed, and irritated at the world.  You drag yourself out of your car, trudge through snow or rain puddles, and ruin your brand new shoes, complaining the whole time about not owning one of those fancy remote control garage doors. 

You stick your key into the lock on your garage door only to find the lock is so rusted that your key no longer works.  No worries, though.  You own a two car garage.  So grumbling under your breath about not owning a remote control garage door you hurry to the second door, all set to unlock it and get to the unpleasant task of straining your back while you stoop to get a hold on the handle, knowing that as you do you will inevitably drag your pants legs in the water in your driveway.  You are really wishing you had a remote control garage door, when to your horror you find that a robber has jimmied the lock on this door, broken in your garage and stolen all your tools.

That may be a stretch of the imagination, however, if you did own a remote control garage door you wouldn’t have to worry about rusty locks or tampered locks, wet pants legs or a strained back.

That’s because with remote control garage doors all you have to do is push a button on a small remote control devise you carry with you in your car, and by the time you pull into your driveway your garage door has opened, seemingly all by itself.

In the early days of remote control garage doors owners couldn’t be too sure about security though, because other owners of remote control garage doors at times would be able to open your garage with their remote control devise to their own doors. 

That is no longer a concern, as modern remote control garage doors come with a unique encryption code that protects your door from the devises owned by your neighbors.  Besides preventing occurrences like these that were nothing more than a nuisance, this encryption code also prevents crooks from recording and replaying a code that will open your door and expose your belongings.  And some models of remote control garage doors come equipped with locks that automatically engage each time your garage door smoothly slides closed.

Besides the convenience and safety features, after you decide on and install a remote control garage door to your home you will be delighted when you find out that you have just increased the value of your home.  And in fact, manufacturers of remote control garage doors go so far as to boast that it is now impossible for someone to deliberately be able to open your door with a code.

These days it is usually a standard addition to have a light that comes on when your remote control garage door opens, contributing to a safer feeling.

The looks of a home’s garage is becoming ever increasingly important, and remote control garage doors have improved in looks to meet the demand, even coming in a variety of colors.