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Remote Control Holder

How many times have you went digging through the couch cushions or rummaged through the kitchen drawer trying to find the lost remote control? The lost remote control is one mystery which has yet to be solved. No one will take the blame for misplacing it, and all swear they did not have it. But, at last, there has been an invention which can bring the guess work to an end. It is the remote control holder.

The remote control holder has brought peace to many households. No longer are battles raged in homes around the world over who used the remote control last. No longer will your pets cower in the corner as you and your children rage over the whereabouts of the remote control. The remote control holder is one of the better inventions of our modern age. All one has to do is replace the remote control back into its holder for the next user to find. Remote control holders take the guess work out of watching television.

I can do without the knife sharpener or the automatic water hose winder, give me the remote control holder! At last, I can sit down to watch my favorite show and not miss the first fifteen minutes by tearing my house apart looking for the remote control. Never mind that I could simply walk to the television and push a button. We're not living in the dark ages, you know. Everyone must know where their remote control is to have peace in the world.

To the inventor of the remote control holder, I say thank you. Thank you for bringing peace to my home. Thank you for bringing peace to the world.