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Remote Control

It is interesting to note that remote controls were brought about by war. The first country to use remote-controlled motorboats was Germany during World War I. These remote-controlled motorboats were used to wreck enemy ships. World War II saw a rise of remote-controlled weapons.

Scientists are always intrigued by a new invention, and the remote control was no exception. After the wars ended, American Scientists went about looking for ways to bring the remote control into everyday life. Automatic garage door openers were the first such invention, followed by television remote controls.

Zenith Electronics Corporation developed the first television remote control in 1950. It wasn't a remote control as we know one to be today. This remote control, called "Lazy Bones" had a cord which ran from it to the television. So, while it was classified a remote control--because you did not have to get up to change the channel--we had a while to go before television remote controls went wireless.

Many complained about the cable which ran between the television and the remote control device. It seemed that mothers of small children were especially frustrated with the latest invention. Small children seemed to trip over the cord and babies wanted to chew on them. But, it wasn't only children who tripped over the remote control cord, adults did also.

Lazy Bones did have one feature which those in the 21st century would appreciate. You never had to go on a manhunt for this remote control. Lazy Bones would not get kicked under the couch or left in the kitchen. It was always hooked to the television. Who knows, maybe the next invention will be a way to keep our modern remote controls from being lost?