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Remote Monitor

Every expectant mother has a laundry list of items which she needs to purchase prior to the birth of her baby. Family, friends or co-workers will generally throw the expectant mom a baby shower. This is a great way for a first time mother to acquire many of the larger items which can stress her wallet. If you are planning a baby shower for a friend or loved one, you may want to consider pooling your funds together with a few other people. This will allow you to give the expectant mother a very large gift.

One of the best gifts you can give an expectant mother is a remote monitor. Baby remote monitors can be purchased at any baby outlet. Prices can run from $20.00 and up, depending on the features of each monitor. If money is no object, you should consider purchasing the expectant mother a remote monitor which allows her to see her child from a display screen. This is far above the "sound only" monitors. While the monitor which is designed for hearing purposes only is still a wonderful gift, nothing compares to the visual monitors.

Visual monitors will bring peace of mind to a new mother. Many new mothers enter their newborns room countless times to ensure their child is sleeping soundly. This can disturb a newborn from their sleep. Visual remote monitors allow the mom the chance to see her child without disturbing them. These monitors also work well as the child grows. It gives mom a chance to watch her child as he plays, which assures her he is safe and well.

You should seriously consider the gift of a remote monitor for the expectant mom in your circle. Long after her child outgrows the many shower gifts of clothes and sleep wear, a remote monitor will still be one item the mother will still be using.